Vermont Youth Drama Council

What is VYDC?

The Vermont Youth Drama Council is a group of student actors from participating schools that help schools hosting festivals, and raise money to support Vermont school's that need help getting to festivals.

Want to come to a meeting? Contact your director about joining us at the next meeting. The more student involvement the better.

All schools that participate in festivals have a director in the VDC.

Even if you or your school doesn't participate in festival doesn't mean you can't be an audience member. Find a local festival and come support student art. It may be what convinces your school to start participating.

VYDC Cabinet

President - Reese Shattuck, Rutland High School

Vice President - Ryan Poulin, Essex High School

Secretary - Julia Greenfield, Rutland High School

Treasurer - Audrey Grant, Hazen Union High School

Teacher Advisor, Cathy Archer, Rutland High School

Window Project

During the months of March and April, students from the state may submit and curate a artwork in business's windows in downtown Rutland. These artworks will be a lead up to the New England Festival, hosted by Rutland and Otter Valley. Designs need to be submitted by February 24, and installed at the earliest convenience to the business. In April, the posters for the schools participating in the New England festival will be added to the windows.

During the festival visitors will vote on their favorite window, and a prize will be given to the winning school.

Any questions or signing up for business can be sent to Cathy Archer, teacher advisor and Rutland's director. (

It's Festival Season!

It's spring time, and there's plenty of work to be done. Want to volunteer as a VYDC rep or just watch some shows?

Click here for information about Vermont Theater Festivals!

VYDC Newsletter!

The VYDC Newsletter is Triannual, meaning there will be 3 Scheduled newsletters in a year. The newsletter covers important updates from the last meeting, a list of shows being performed by participating schools, and an update of what's to come.

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